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@Irina Ionesco lives in Paris. Capturing the beauty of female in her nude photography, she is one of the acknowledged photographer in the world. With her visually stunning work of art, she is popular from both male and females.

In 1996,I invited Irony Ionesco to Japan. And I organized

her exposition and lecture at Tokyo and Osaka. Many women and men visited here. We love Irina Ionesco's works and her world. After that her first time visit, she is beginning to love Japan.

And then,ptyx(Haruki IMURA) invited 4 times to Japan and we made her cd-rom and limited book together.
Now we have project that she take a photo Japanese women nude and publish new book.

We sell CD-rom and book of IRINA IONESCO who is famous photographer in the world .CD-rom require windows 95 later or system 7(Macintosh)later. And there are 262 photos women nude.price is us$50+$15(airmail fee)

Book ,there are 36 photos of IRINA IONESCO with one original print.
100 limited edition. us$900+shipping

And you can buy only book for us$200+$25(airmail fee).
And you can buy only original print for us$800+$25(airmail fee).

After payment by money order , I will send you cd-rom or book.

our address

PTYX Inc,, Haruki Imura
Hatagaya Shibuya-ku


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